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Small Bow Barrette Pattern March 22, 2012

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Small Bow Barrette Image  Image

You will need a 2.75mm hook, #3 Crochet Thread, small (large eyed) needle and a pair of jewelry pliers.

Chain 12 leaving enough of a tail to weave in later (3-4″)


sc back the other way (11)


create 5 rows of sc (this will create a rectangle)

fasten off leaving about 12 inches of thread For a neater look sl st around entire rectangle before fastening off)


with needle weave in beginning tail and cut (you will probably need pliers to pull needle through rectangle

Image  Image  Image

with needle weave long tail halfway through top row of rectangle (into the 6th chain space from either direction), stitch needle, weaving in and out from top to bottom and pull snug (to not pull tight enough to change shape of rectangle), then stitch back to top weaving in and out and pull tight. This will create a concave shape in bottom of rectangle.


Tightly wrap tail around center of bow 2-3 times

Secure in back with a slip knot and wrap tail around bow 2-3 more times

Secure with two slip knots and pull tight

You know have a completed bow

Image  Image  Image

To attach to barrette

With needle weave tail to the center of the back of the bow

Place bow on front of barrette and hold in place where you want to attach

Begin by weaving needle through the barrette and secure on other side with a stitch, continue in this manner securing with a stitch on either side of the barrette for 2-3 turns.

Stitch 2-3 times on outside of the back on the barrette and secure with slip knot

Weave in tail end and cut


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