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More patterns coming soon, promise March 27, 2012

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Hello friends.  Sorry there haven’t been any new pattern posts yet.  I have quite a few in the works.  I was bogged down by a stomach virus the other day and took a few days off to recover.  I have been working on lots of different types of dishcloth/washcloths the past couple days and writing new patterns.  I will be posting 5 (or more) dishcloth patterns in the next day or two.  After that is a pattern for a strand necklace/decorative scarf (pictured), slouchy hat with brim, more hair accessory patterns and the appliques for the sun hats.  I also have two craft shows coming up so I will be posting my displays and some inexpensive ways to show case your work.  Check back soon, the new patterns will be here before you know it.  Take Care and keep hook’in. 


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