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Crochet Ring Necklace How To April 21, 2012

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This idea was inspired by a picture on pinterest.  It took a while to tackle the project and I’m not sure why I waited so long.  These necklaces are easy and fun to make.  You will need the following items.


Plastic or Wooden Rings to crochet around(available at any craft store or online)

Crochet Thread or Embroidery Thread in various color  (each produces a slightly different look, experiment to see what works best for you)

Necklace Chain with closure hooks (or you can crochet your own chain)

Jump Rings for attaching finished rings to chain

Small Crochet Hook (2.75)

Various Needle sizes (to thread in ends of thread and to thread beads)

Beads in a variety of colors

Jewelery Tools (pliers, cutters)

Embroidery Scissors to cut ends of thread

After you have assembled all of your supplies it is time to get started.

-Pick out your color scheme, coordinating, contrasting, monochromatic, etc.

-Begin with one ring, tie thread onto ring and sc all the way around.  Finish by weaving in finishing end and cutting both ends of thread. *hint to secure thread crochet around the starting thread once, leave tail out once and then crochet around tail again.  Be sure to pull tail tight and then finish crocheting with tail out.  You will cut it off at the end.

-Finish crocheting rings, laying out design as you go.  To finish rings you will snip the starting tail as close to ring (on the wrong side) as possible.  Thread ending tail onto needle and weave through back in one direction and then the other to secure, cut off remaining tail.

-After all rings are crocheted and finished off, layout final design (once its put together it is hard to remove one without destroying the whole necklace).

-Thread your needle with a color that will blend in with all shades or use a thread that will match your beads, if using all different colors I find that a light grey or off white works best

-Begin by sewing you largest rings (or the center of your design) first.  Thread needle, tie a double knot at end and cut thread right below knot.  Stitch through the the bottom of one ring (in sc space) and down into the next ring (in sc space), come back up first stitch and place bead(s) on needle/thread, stitch back into the next ring.  Secure on backside with a couple stitches and finish with a slip knot.

-Weave needle/thread through back of ring to get to where you want to attach next ring and repeat above steps until all secured.  Weave in end through the back of one ring and cut end.

You have now completed the design, all that’s left is to secure it to chain.

– Attach jump rings to two places on the design to determine how you want design to hang (place through sc space) leave rings open to attach to chain.

Cut chain to desired length in two pieces.  Attach one piece of chain to each side of design.  Apply closure hooks to chain and Viola you have completed your first crocheted ring necklace… now go have fun coming up with as many designs as your little heart desires.

If you have any problems following this pattern or need clarification on any steps please feel free to email me at or visit my fb page at

As always thanks for stopping by and HAPPY HOOKIN’


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