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Large Petal Flower November 6, 2012

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4.0mm crochet hook
Simply Soft by Caron yarn in your choice of color
Tapestry needle for sewing in ends


Round 1- Begin by creating a magic circle
Make 8sc and sl st into 1st st to create a loop (do not pull tight until the very end)

Round 2- In the front loop only of 1st st-1 sl st, 3sc, 1sl st
In the front loop of 2nd st- 1sl st
complete first round repeating steps to create 4 petals
(each petal group is created using two stitches, one group of stitches and one slip stitch)
sl st into the base of first petal

Round 3- working the back loops of previous round crochet as follows:  in first stitch-1 sc, in second stitch- 2sc, repeat until end (1sc, 2sc… ) (12 total stitches)
Then to create petals, work only in front loops of the single crochets you just created-  In first stitch- 1sl st, 3hdc, 1sl st;  in second stitch- 1sl st-  complete round by repeating these steps and finish with sl st into base of 1st petal

Round 4- sl st into back of flower directly behind where you are (there will be a vertical stitch between the group of petals.   Then ch 4 and sl st into the back loop of the previous row (between the petals) continue around in this manner finish by sl st into the vertical st where you began.  (you will continue to do this for each subsequent round only changing the amount of ch).
sl st into first set of ch’s, ch 1, 4hdc, sl st.  Repeat all the way around and finish by sl st into base of first ch 1. 6 petals

Round 5-  Create chains behind each petal in the same fashion as the previous round, using ch5.
Each petal is sl st, ch 2 5dc, sl st.

Round 6- ch 6 behind each petal.  Each petal is sl st, ch 2, 6dc, sl st.

Round 7- ch 6 behind each petal.  Each petal is sl st, ch3, 7tc, 1hdc.  Finish by sl st into base of first petal.  Pull yarn all the way through loop and using tapestry needle stitch from back to front and then secure yarn with one knot and weave behind a petal in both directions*.  Pull center tight and arrange first set of petals.  Secure with knot and weave in ends.

If you are going to use the flower to secure to a hat then leave a long tail and use it to weave onto hat.

The back of your flower should look like this                       

If your flower does not look like this then email me a  picture at and I will try to help you troubleshoot.

NOTE:  To make flower flatter increase the length of each chain behind petals.  To make it “poofier” decrease the length of the chains.
Different yarn and different size hooks will also create a different finished product…. Play around and have fun with it.

Here is a finished product by Megan Watt using Vanna’s Choice yarn.  She turned hers into a pin for a friend.   Lovely Job!

Happy Hookin’ and have FUN!!!


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