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Small Flower Pattern November 13, 2012

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 the petite  fleur

This petite flower pattern is perfect for small applications.  I used it for my fitted slippers pattern.  It would be great as a pin or even a barrette.  Cluster them together for a cute effect or mix with other large flowers.  You can find lots of flower patterns in The Flower Repository.

Abbreviations and required stitches:

magic circle–  Holding the tail of the beginning of the yarn in the palm of your less dominant hand with the excess towards the bac, wrap the yarn around 3 of your fingers (forefinger, middle and ring fingers) towards the back, on your less dominant hand.  Wrap it around to the front and cross it over your forefinger, pinch it between the top of your finger and your thumb.  Be sure that the tail is in the front of your hand (in your palm) and that the yarn crosses over your forefinger on top with the excess yarn towards the back.  Slipping the hook between the backs of your fingers and the yarn “circle”,  hook the excess yarn with the hook and pull it through the circle.  Pinch the “circle” where the yarn is crossed over between your thumb and forefinger.  I hold the excess yarn taut between my forefinger and middle fingers at this point.  If you are doing a sc hook the excess yarn again on top, outside of the circle and pull through your loop, this creates a slip stitch on your circle.  You can now continue to stitch around the circle to complete your magic ring.  For single crochet insert hook through the circle to the back, yo and pull through, yo on the top outside of the circle and pull through both loops.  After finishing the required amount of stitches, use the tail to pull the circle tight and sl st into the 1st st.  Pull tight and continue on to round.  Since we are doing only sc in this pattern I will save the rest of the magic circle lesson for later… (post coming soon with lots of helpful hints and detailed pictures of stiches)


ch– chain

sc– insert hook, yo <2 loops on hook> yo, pull through both loops

hdc– yo, insert hook, yo, pull through ❤ loops on hook> yo, pull through all three loops

dc– yo, insert hook, yo, pull through  ❤ loops on hook> yo, pull through 1st 2 loops on hook, yo <two loops on hook> yo, pull through both loops on hook.

– Sl st- insert hook, yo, pull through, <2 loops on hook> pull 1st loop through 2nd loop


Size 4.0mm hook
Medium or worsted weight yarn (I  used Vanna’s Choice but RedHeart would work just as well)
Tapestry needle for weaving in end

Rnd 1: magic circle.  5sc


Rnd 2: Into first stich: sl st, ch 1, 1hdc, 1dc, 1hdc, ch1, sl st.  Repeat for remaining 4 st to create 5 petals.  Sl st into first petal to end, fasten off leaving a tail approx. 10” long.  Pull center tight and knot off (you can just cut short, do not worry about hiding end it will be hidden under flower when you sew it on)


Using long tail stitch flower onto the finished product.

Have fun and Happy Hookin’


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