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The Flower Repository November 13, 2012

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Flowers, Flowers Everywhere           

Recently a fellow hooker of mine posted a picture of a flower and asked if any of us had a pattern to it.  It looked very similar to a flower of mine that I make but I had no pattern for it since I mostly just make up flowers as I go hookin’ along.

I really did like the way the flower looked so I decided to try to make it up and write the pattern down along the way.

Well it took me a few tries and I kept coming up with very cute flowers in the process.  It got me thinking that we probably all have lots of different flowers that we make and how even though they are all similar and are all made using the same basic stitches and steps that they all are unique in their own way, so I decided to do a post featuring all the different flowers that we make and the things that they can be turned into.  This post will be added to along the way and will hopefully be a resource to all my fellow hookers looking for flower patterns.  If you are a fellow hooker and would like to add to the flower repository, send me an email at and I will add you.

This is what started it all.  This adorable flower can be added to any finished project and looks great on a hat, it can also be used to make a headband or barrette or even a pin (feature blogs coming soon).

Large Petal Flower    

Here are some more flowers from Cre8tion Crochet:

                                            Triple Threat         

These adorable flowers come to us from Stitch 11.  This site has a bunch of great free  patterns.

My Daisy                      Autumn Flower           

This flower is featured on the Knot Your Nana’s Crochet


This cutie is brought to you by Jessie At Home   

                                         Vintage Button Remake         

One of my favorite flower patters is called The Frothy Flower        by Very Berry Handmade

This site also has some great flower patterns  Creating with Casey

Have fun and Happy Hookin’


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