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Hair Accessory Repository November 15, 2012

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Never buy headbands or barrettes again.  These adorable hair fashions are easy to make.  The ones featured here are all crochet but there is a lot more to come, including more crocheted headbands and button and wire jewelry hair accessories too.  As well as guest features from my fellow hookers and crafters.  Stay tuned.



Let’s start with the basic crocheted flower hair clip.  These barrettes were purchased extremely inexpensively… the dollar store actually.  The came anywhere from 8-12 per pack for $1 each which would make these barrettes very profitable too, if you so wish to make them to sell.  I sell mine for
$3- 4 each.

First things first, crochet a whole bunch of flowers… you can make your own or follow the patterns listed here in The Flower Repository.

Step1 Line the barrette in place on the back of the flower

Step 2 Thread a needle with approximately 2ft of thread (I prefer upholstery or nylon thread vs cotton thread because of the durability).  Double knot and cut off excess right past the knot

Step 3 From the bottom up, thread the flower on to the barrette leaving the knot exposed by about half an inch.  Insert the needle back through flower from top to bottom, slipping through the knotted thread on the way up.  Pull tight and begin stitching the rest of the barrette onto the flower.  You may find it easier to open the barrette at this point, be sure not to catch the clip as you stitch.  Be careful not to let the thread show through to the other side as you stitch.


Your clip may have a hole at either end.  Secure through this hole.  If you don’t secure the clip at both ends it will slide freely through the flower which you do not want.

Step 4 Finish by running needle under the barrette several times to secure, cut thread.

And there is your finished flower barrette


AND what it looks like on my Silly Monkey

Alternately you can use different style barrettes (some of these were purchased at the dollar store as well and some at Walmart)  You can also find these barrettes and other style clips at Michael’s, AC Moore, JoAnn Fabrics and The Hobby Lobby though they are much more expensive at those stores.

If  you have a large enough clip/ barrette you can use the yarn from the flower to stitch it onto the barrette, just be sure to leave a long enough tail when you crochet.


Next let us take a look at some different head band options.

Simply stitch your finished flowers (or bows) onto store bought elastic bands.


You can also use crocheted head bands.


There is a great Crocheted Flower Headband Tutorial on

And two more barrette ideas from cre8tioncrochet

Small Flower Barrette    


Small Bow Barrette        

If you have a tutorial or pattern for a hair accessory that you would like to have featured on my blog or as always if you have any questions please email us at

Have fun and Happy Hookin… AND Craftin’


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