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Sashay Ruffle Scarves December 1, 2012

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Get in on the trend… learn how to make these easy and cute

Sashay Ruffle Scarves

The sashay yarn has been around for a little while now and it is really getting popular.  I do not have my own pattern for this one as there is really only one way to make the scarves though for some variation you can change the amount of stitches in each loop to make it fuller.  The pattern calls for 10 stitches per loop but it also looks great done with 15 or even 20 stitches.  The scarf will be fuller but, of course, shorter.

Here is a link to the pattern that got me started on making the Sashay Scarves.  Below that you will find a link to an easy video tutorial.

Mix up how you wear your sashay ruffle scarve… it really looks great as a cowl.

  sashay cowl 2   sashay cowl 3   sashay cowl 4   sashay cowl1

How to Crochet with Sashay Yarn

Easy Video Tutorial

For Great Deals on the featured Sashay colors click on the picture!  Available through

sashay ballat     sashay boogie     sashay shuffle



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