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NEW WEEKLY FEATURE- Helpful Tips and Tricks December 3, 2012

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Helpful Tips and Tricks

Here at we will be adding a new weekly feature.  Every week we will post a new helpful hint or trick to help you along in your crocheting.  This week will be how to seamlessly change colors.  There are two methods that I use.

First is to complete the row (inludding slip stitching into first stitch) and with only one loop left on hook, pick up your next color.  Pull the tail of the previous color taut so that only the new color is visible on the hook.. DO NOT do a starting chain… simply crochet into your next space with desired stitch (works best with sc and hdc but will also work with dc… anything higher (such as tc) will not work well.  Crochet all the way around peice and then sl st into the space right before the post of the 1st crochet.  Be sure to pull tail of previous color and new color taut again to keep secure as it may have loosened as you crocheted around.  When you finish off weave your ends in both directions to keep secure.

The second method is to change colors as normal (at the place in your last stich it the round when you have only two loops remaining on hook)  Then for new round ch1 and skip first crochet space… place desired stitch (any stitch will work) into second space and crochet around, when you get back to the begining, crochet into the space previously left open and then sl st to join.

Both of these ways will have a seamless look and will not create a step up when changing colors.


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