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Angry Bomber Bird Hat December 4, 2012

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Angry bird bomber hat


*whenever you do applique or specialty work try to use the smallest tapestry hook possible for all weaving and sewing for a neater look
*for a seamless look on your hat follow one of the seamless methods found here

4.0mm hook for appliques
5.0mm hook for hat
Vanna’s choice yarn in yellow or gold, white, black, grey and cranberry
or any worsted weight (Red Heart is a good inexpensive alternative) in the same colors
embroidery needle for weaving in ends and attaching appliques

To cre8te the hat:

  1. Mc 6sc join with sl st, do not pull center tight
  2. 8sc around
  3. 8sc around
  4. 8sc around, pull up on loop to make larger and remove hook, turn piece inside out (you want the “wrong” side to show) and pull tail through center hole, pull tight and fasten off tail of mc (if you don’t do this now you won’t be able to get to it later)
  5. Insert hook back into loop going the normal right way and sc once around <8> join with sl st and cut yarn long enough to change color and weave in later
  6. Change color by picking up black yarn and pulling through yellow yarn, pull tail of yellow yarn tight so that only black yarn shows and hdc around <8> do not sl st to finish round yet * work over tails but leave out enough to weave them back in the opposite direction.  At this point pull up on loop and lengthen, remove hook for easier working and weave yellow and black tails securely in opposite directions, be sure to pull tight enough so that no seem or step in row color shows.  Sl st to join.
  7. Hdc around <8>
  8. Hdc around <8>
  9. Change hook to 5.0mm- [2hdc] around <16>
  10. Hdc around with [2hdc] in every 4th st <20>
  11. Hdc around with [2hdc] in every 2nd st <30>
  12. Hdc around with [2hdc] in every 3rd <40>
  13. Hdc around with [2hd] in every 8th st <45>
  14. Repeat for 8 more rows
  15. Change to grey
  16. 17 hdc around then in next st insert hook slightly above where next st would go and begin a double crochet, but do only pull hook through 1st two loops then insert back into hole and yarn over, pull through all loops on hook
  17. Use the same method for creating the rounded part on grey of hat, increasing the distance of where you insert your hook from edge, do the opposite on the other side for a total of 12 st
  18. 16hdc around to end
  19. 45hdc around
  20. Sl st around to finish


To cre8te the beak:

With white ch 7

Turn and st across 1sc in the next three, 1hdc in the next two, 1 dc in last <6> fasten off but leave ends, leave one longer tail (12” or so) for fastening

006     007

Loosely sl st around teeth with black, fasten off but do not weave in ends yet

Using yellow/gold insert hook front to back into back loop of the last st you completed (top left hand corner, pick up new color and sc to end in back loop only, chain 4, and sc back <3> sc into last sc of previous row

Continue by sc across top of white row <6>

Turn and sc all the way to second to last st.  sl st in last <9sc, 1sl st>

Turn and sk 1st st, sc across <9>

Turn and 6sc then sl st end <4>

Ch3 and sc back into 1st ch, 7hdc across top of beak, 1sc, 1sl st

Finish off. Leave long tail

*Beak point will be to right.

Insert hook into the point of the beak where the white and black meet the orange, surface sl st crochet to tip of beak.  Fasten off and weave in ends

Weave in all other tails leaving one long orange tail and one long white tail for fastening to hat

To cre8te the eyes:

Starting with red for eyebrow ch 9, sc across <8>  fasten off, leaving long tail

Starting at inner corner of eyebrow insert hook from back to front and pick up white- 5sc turn and 1sc, [2sc] in each of next two, 1sc, 1sl st, sl into same sp and fasten off leaving long tail.  Weave in short end.

In inner corner where red meets white insert hook front to back and pick up grey.  Sl st into red, turn and sc around white, 1sc in 1st, 1sc in next, [2sc] in each of next three, 1sc in next three and sl st into red.  Turn and sl in next 6 sts, [2sc] in next 3st st to end, sl into eyebrow and fasten off.  Weave in ends.

Repeat for second eye, but insert hook from front to back in the 6th space from corner to add white for a mirror effect

To cre8te pupil:

5sc in mc, fasten off and leave long tail, weave in short tail

Sew pupil to eye where all three colors meet in inner corner

Secure beak and eyes to hat… and you are done.  Hope you enjoyed making this with me.  If you have any questions please leave a comment below or feel free to email me at  And as always

Have FUN and Happy Hookin’

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The Trendy Elf December 1, 2012

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The Trendy Elf


       037                 pinterest logo                   046

This elf hat is made in one piece construction with two stands of yarn and is seamless.  This method is good for a variety of reasons, there is no seam where colors are changed, it takes less time since there is no cutting of yarn and weaving in of ends and it allows the ribbed edge to be done in two different colors giving it a unique twist.  Color changes are also not done in the traditional way to give a seamless look.  (yarn does not travel it simply hangs until it is needed so there is very little waste, maybe 6 inches of each color total)

This pattern is made size 6-12 months but can easily be adjusted for any size.
*To make smaller simply stop increasing rounds when you’ve reached desired amount of stitches for size and continue to work hat in that amount of stitches (nb 20-25st total, 0-3mo 25-30st total, 3-6mo 30-35 st total) to desired length
*To make larger simply increase the amount of increasing rows and finish hat in that amount of stitches to desired length
(older child would be 35-40 st, adult women would be 45-50st and men would be 55-60)


Choice of yarn in two colors- The pattern is created using Vanna’s choice in Cranberry and White and the other hat pictured is created using Red Heart.  To make the elf hat “trendy” non-traditional colors should be used, but for the purpose of contrast in this pattern, I chose traditional colors… the multi colored ribbed edge still looks unique and fashionable.

5.0mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

Abbreviations and Stitches used:

st- stitch

mc- magic circle/ring

sl st- slip stitch

ch- chain

sc- single crochet

insert hook, yarn over, pull through (two loops on hook), yarn over, pull through both loops

hdc- half double crochet-

yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull through (three loops on hook), yarn over, pull through all three loops

fphdc- front post half double crochet

yarn over, insert hook behind post of stitch from bottom to top, yarn over pull through (three loops on hook), yarn over and pull through all 3 loops

Notes will be denoted by an asterisk throughout the pattern, please be sure to pay mind to them, but here a few to start.
The only time tension should be used on this project is when colors are being  changed.
*To keep colors from twisting place color A to the left of you and color B to the right of you.  When pulling from color A (left) pull from underneath color B (right) and when working from color B (right) pull over color A (left).  If yarn starts to tangle stop as soon as you notice it and wind one skein under the yarn to fix before it becomes a problem.
*Each round is worked without a starting chain, making it seamless.  When we get to that part in the pattern I will explain in more detail with pictures but in short stitches are worked as normal (1st st in next space after where previous round was joined with sl st) and the last stitch of each round is sl st’ed into the first stitch… as long as you keep your yarn pulled tight when you change your colors you should not be able to see a seam and the colors will line up perfectly with no steps between rows.
*Whatever color you start with will be the color the raised ribs of edging are.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at or like our fb page and message me there.

Before you begin crocheting you need to cut yarn for the braided tassle.  Cut six strands of yarn (3 of each color, or 6 of one color, whatever your preference is) to 24” in length.  Double knot 6 strands together at one end.

  1. Create mc with both strands of yarn, using both strands make sl st into ring
  2. Drop one strand and use the strand of the color you want to begin with (place this skein to your left-color A and the other skein to your right- color B)
  3. With color A- 8sc around magic ring (around both strands) leave color B free and *do not stitch over (throughout entire project the color not currently being used will lay free and will not be weaved into the work).  Join with sl st but do NOT pull tight
  4. Still working with color A, one hdc in each st  <8> join with sl st {*last st of round will go into the space before the first stitch of round)
    016    this is not the step you will be at, this is just to illustrate where your sl st will go
  5. Pull up and take hook out of piece, use hook to pull tassle through hole until you reach your double knot.  Pull tight.
  6. Flip work over and tie tails around base of knot (close to hat) two times
  7. Cut all ends
  8. Insert hook back into piece and pull yarn snug
    Change colors- with hook pick up color B (remember to pull over color A so as not to tangle yarn)and pull through st.  Pull tail of color A tight so that only color B shows through work and on hook {*it is important whenever changing colors to make sure the color you just changed from is pulled tight so that rows line up nicely with no steps}
    hdc around circle for two rows <8>
  9. Change color the same as before (pulling from under) and do two rows of hdc.
  10. Continue this way until 5 blocks of color A (10rows) and 5 blocks of color B (10 rows) are worked ending in Color B
  11. With color A- Increase round by adding an extra hdc in every 4th st <10>
  12. One hdc in each st around <10>
  13. Change to color B- Increase round by adding an extra hdc to every 5th st <12>
  14. One hdc in eact st around <12>
    020     018     019
  15. Change to color A- Increase round by adding an extra hdc to every 3rd  st <16>
  16. Increase round by adding an extra hdc to every 4th st <20>
  17. Change to color B- Increase round by adding an extra hdc in every other st <30>
  18. One hdc in each st around <30>
  19. Change to Color A- Increase round by adding an extra hdc in every 3rd st <40>
  20. One hdc in each st around <40>
  21. Complete hat in same manner changing colors every 2 rows until you have reached 9 blocks of color A and 9 blocks of color B, from start, 36rows total
  22. For next row you will alternate the color of the stitches with hdc st’s.  The entire ribbing rows are where it is very important to remember to pull color A from underneath and color B from over the other colors.
    You will have ended the previous row on color B so starting with that color hdc in next sp, drop color B and pick up color A, hdc in next, repeat till end, sl into last sp (will be on color B)
  23. Using color B hdc into first space, using color A fphdc into post of next stitch.  {*whatever color yarn you pick up will the the color of the stitch you are doing} end row with sl st and repeat for      more rows for a total of     alternating color rib rows.  You will now you are doing it correctly when the top loop of every row is alternating being the same color as the stitch after it.
    022     023     024
  24. To finish off sl st and pull tail all the way through, use tapestry needle to secure color B first and then color B.
    025     027     031                                                   028     030     026
  25. Finish off by braiding tail and tie into bow.  Or follow one of the variations below.
  26. You have now finished off your trendy elf hat.

     034                                   033


Make the thin part of hat longer or shorter by increasing or decreasing rows

Change how rows are done- one row of each color, or mix it up and do two rows of one color and one row of the other or any combination you can think of

Do the ribs in blocks of color.  In first row of ribs do two of one color and two of the other and then follow colors when doing fpdc rows

Use three colors instead of two

Put a pom pom on end of braid or do a tassle and leave strands long, use your imagination and see what you can come up with… I’d love to see pictures.  Email them to us at

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Have FUN and happy hookin’


Sashay Ruffle Scarves

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Get in on the trend… learn how to make these easy and cute

Sashay Ruffle Scarves

The sashay yarn has been around for a little while now and it is really getting popular.  I do not have my own pattern for this one as there is really only one way to make the scarves though for some variation you can change the amount of stitches in each loop to make it fuller.  The pattern calls for 10 stitches per loop but it also looks great done with 15 or even 20 stitches.  The scarf will be fuller but, of course, shorter.

Here is a link to the pattern that got me started on making the Sashay Scarves.  Below that you will find a link to an easy video tutorial.

Mix up how you wear your sashay ruffle scarve… it really looks great as a cowl.

  sashay cowl 2   sashay cowl 3   sashay cowl 4   sashay cowl1

How to Crochet with Sashay Yarn

Easy Video Tutorial

For Great Deals on the featured Sashay colors click on the picture!  Available through

sashay ballat     sashay boogie     sashay shuffle



Triple Threat Flower Pattern November 13, 2012

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Triple Threat

This unique flower is easy and fun to work up and would be a great addition to any hat.
It would also make a great pin, flower barrette or headband.


4.0mm hook
Caron’s Simply Soft
Tapestry needle for weaving in ends



Chain 5, 4 triple crochet into first stitch on chain, chain 4, slip stitch into first stitch on chain, Repeat 4 more times to create 5 petals.  *Be sure to stitch into first stitch of each chain and not into the center of flower as it is being created.  (this pattern can also be transformed into a bow- two petals with yarn wrapped around center.  Or a 3-4 leafed clover- just make 3-4 petals and add a stem)


It will get a little tricky holding it all together for the first couple times you make this flower but I promise you it will all come together nicely.

From front to back insert hook into loop of first petal and slip stich, continue to slip stitch all the way around through each petal and finish by slip stitching nto first slip stich in center.


Pull up on loop and pull out hook leaving loop.  Insert hook from back to front through hole in center , pull loop through and secure between set of petals with a slip stich.

Chain 6 and slip stitch between next set of petals, repeat all the way around back of flower.  (5 chain loops)

Into the first loop- *slip stitch, chain 4, 5 triple crochet, chain 4, slip stitch- Repeat from * 4 more times to create 5 petals.  Slip stitch into the base of 1st petal to complete round.

Secure loop between set of petals with slip stitch and create a chain 6 loop behind each petal.

Into the first loop- *slip stitch, chain 4, 6 triple crochet, chain 4, slip stitch- Repeat from * 4 more times to create 5 petals.  Slip stitch into the base of 1st petal to complete round.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Have fun and Happy Hookin’


Feature Guest Blogger- The Hippy Hooker November 6, 2012

I love my fellow hookers… and I love their patterns.  This featured pattern is brought to you by the Hippy Hooker.

I absolutely love her patter for this simple yet chic Fall cowl… Perfect for a cool Fall day or even a mild Winter day.  So super easy and fun to make…

Super Simple Cowl Pattern by the Hippy Hooker              

                       Lets get to know the Hippy Hooker!

In a nutshell, I’m a 21 year old stay at home mom. But I believe I am much more than that. I have an amazing almost 1 year old boy who is my motivation and inspiration. I am also engaged and planning my wedding for July 2013, and I couldn’t be any happier! I love being a stay at home mom and crocheting/blogging in my spare time.

I started crocheting in winter 2011. I started off learning through YouTube tutorials and joining crochet groups on Facebook. It was really helpful having a group of people to help troubleshoot my problems with. I have yet to quit hooking and I don’t plan to stop any time soon! I think what I love most about the craft is the never ending ideas you can come up with.

I started my blog back in June 2012 with the idea that I would use to to track my crochet projects, ideas, and patterns. I’m still new to the blogging world, but I’m learning as I go. I’ve also got some really great blogger friends to help me out.

I love love love making those headband/ear warmers you will always see me wearing. I just love how fast they work up, and the endless color combinations you can come up with!

I love being able to share with others what I love. If I find something incredibly easy you can bet I’m going to want to share it with everyone I know! My blog gives me a great way to do that.

I love cotton. I love the softness, how it works up when I crochet with it, and I especially love it in my kitchen. All of my dish cloths, pot holders, and trivets are made with cotton!

When making the cowl I wanted something I could wear even when it wasn’t freezing cold outside. I came up with it right on the cusp of fall, so I was almost begging for an excuse to wear something I had crochet. The thickness of the yarn gives it a heavy feel, but the holes I created leave room for breathability so it’s wearable indoors and out.

There are also great patterns for headbands on The Hippy Hooker… check her out and tell her I sent ya.

Happy Hookin’ and Have FUN!!!


Victorian/ Steampunk Cowl November 2, 2012

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Lately I’ve become obsessed with the Victorian Era and the Renaissance, and I’ve been reading quite a bit about King Henry VIII as well as watching the Tudors collection.  I am absolutely in love with the style of dress from that time period.  Since I’m also obsessed with cowls right now and I’m always obsessed with crochet and crafting, I decided to join my three passions and work up this Victorian style cowl.  It can also be worn in Steampunk fashion.  I hope you enjoy working this up as much as I enjoyed cre8ting it!  Happy Hookin’

Each row will end with a turning chain (ch 3) which will be counted as 1st dc in next row
Last stitch of each row will be in the top of the turning chain of previous row

Redheart “With Love” Yarn in Black
5.5 or 6.0 hook- depending on your tension.  This was made with a 5.5 hook
1 button (preferably shank button in Victorian style)
weaving needle
Chain 29

dc in 3rd ch from hook (counts as first dc)
dc till end (26 st) (last dc will be in top of starting chain of previous row)

Chain 3 turn and dc till end (26)

Complete 7 rows of 26 dc in the same manner

8th row- 20 dc, ch 1, skip st, 4dc in next st, skip 3 st, ch 1, 4dc in turning ch of previous row, ch 3, turn

9th row- 4dc in ch 1 sp, ch 1, 4dc in ch 1 sp, ch 1, sk 3, dc to end (17 st), ch 3, turn

10th row- 14dc, ch 1, 4dc in ch 1 sp, ch 1, 4dc in ch 1 sp, ch 1, 4dc in turning ch of previous row, ch 3, turn

11th row- 4dc in ch 1 sp, ch 1, 4dc in ch 1 sp, continue is same manner, completing 3 clusters of 4dc, ch 1, ski 3, dc till end (11 st), ch 3, turn

12th row-   8 dc, ch 1, 4dc in ch 1 sp, ch 1, 4dc in ch 1 sp, continue in same manner completing 4 clusters of 4dc, ch 3 turn

13th row-  4dc in ch 1 sp, ch 1, 4dc in ch 1 sp, continue is same manner, completing 3 clusters of 4dc,
ch 1, ski 3, dc till end (5 st), ch 3, turn

14th row- 2dc, ch 1, 4dc in ch 1 sp, continue all the way to end in same manner, finish last 4dc cluster with 1tc

This will complete one side of the cowl

On straight edge of cowl, where you began add yarn and dc across entire row (26st) for 8 rows more.

After those 8 rows begin pattern from 8th row on.

Finish up- in last cluster add and stitch across back of cowl, 4hdc in each of the spaces between 4dc clusters and 2sc in regular dc rows, finish by adding 3dc in other corner (4dc cluster).  Fasten off and weave in ends.

Add button on second full cluster up from bottom and use space between clusters on the adjoining side to fasten.  When worn fold over in back and position on neck.


More Vintage Button Pendants October 30, 2012

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The possiblilities are endless.  These vintage necklaces are super fun to make and don’t require a lot of time… I worked these two more up last night along with some other projects (more crochet ring tutorials coming up soon).  If you’d like to make these follow this tutorial


Great for presents for the upcoming holidays.  They can be made with any type of button.  Pick one or two of your favorite shank buttons to be the focus and build from there.   Go monocromatic, silver, brass, or try different color combinations.  Have fun with

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