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The Trendy Elf December 1, 2012

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The Trendy Elf


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This elf hat is made in one piece construction with two stands of yarn and is seamless.  This method is good for a variety of reasons, there is no seam where colors are changed, it takes less time since there is no cutting of yarn and weaving in of ends and it allows the ribbed edge to be done in two different colors giving it a unique twist.  Color changes are also not done in the traditional way to give a seamless look.  (yarn does not travel it simply hangs until it is needed so there is very little waste, maybe 6 inches of each color total)

This pattern is made size 6-12 months but can easily be adjusted for any size.
*To make smaller simply stop increasing rounds when you’ve reached desired amount of stitches for size and continue to work hat in that amount of stitches (nb 20-25st total, 0-3mo 25-30st total, 3-6mo 30-35 st total) to desired length
*To make larger simply increase the amount of increasing rows and finish hat in that amount of stitches to desired length
(older child would be 35-40 st, adult women would be 45-50st and men would be 55-60)


Choice of yarn in two colors- The pattern is created using Vanna’s choice in Cranberry and White and the other hat pictured is created using Red Heart.  To make the elf hat “trendy” non-traditional colors should be used, but for the purpose of contrast in this pattern, I chose traditional colors… the multi colored ribbed edge still looks unique and fashionable.

5.0mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

Abbreviations and Stitches used:

st- stitch

mc- magic circle/ring

sl st- slip stitch

ch- chain

sc- single crochet

insert hook, yarn over, pull through (two loops on hook), yarn over, pull through both loops

hdc- half double crochet-

yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull through (three loops on hook), yarn over, pull through all three loops

fphdc- front post half double crochet

yarn over, insert hook behind post of stitch from bottom to top, yarn over pull through (three loops on hook), yarn over and pull through all 3 loops

Notes will be denoted by an asterisk throughout the pattern, please be sure to pay mind to them, but here a few to start.
The only time tension should be used on this project is when colors are being  changed.
*To keep colors from twisting place color A to the left of you and color B to the right of you.  When pulling from color A (left) pull from underneath color B (right) and when working from color B (right) pull over color A (left).  If yarn starts to tangle stop as soon as you notice it and wind one skein under the yarn to fix before it becomes a problem.
*Each round is worked without a starting chain, making it seamless.  When we get to that part in the pattern I will explain in more detail with pictures but in short stitches are worked as normal (1st st in next space after where previous round was joined with sl st) and the last stitch of each round is sl st’ed into the first stitch… as long as you keep your yarn pulled tight when you change your colors you should not be able to see a seam and the colors will line up perfectly with no steps between rows.
*Whatever color you start with will be the color the raised ribs of edging are.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at or like our fb page and message me there.

Before you begin crocheting you need to cut yarn for the braided tassle.  Cut six strands of yarn (3 of each color, or 6 of one color, whatever your preference is) to 24” in length.  Double knot 6 strands together at one end.

  1. Create mc with both strands of yarn, using both strands make sl st into ring
  2. Drop one strand and use the strand of the color you want to begin with (place this skein to your left-color A and the other skein to your right- color B)
  3. With color A- 8sc around magic ring (around both strands) leave color B free and *do not stitch over (throughout entire project the color not currently being used will lay free and will not be weaved into the work).  Join with sl st but do NOT pull tight
  4. Still working with color A, one hdc in each st  <8> join with sl st {*last st of round will go into the space before the first stitch of round)
    016    this is not the step you will be at, this is just to illustrate where your sl st will go
  5. Pull up and take hook out of piece, use hook to pull tassle through hole until you reach your double knot.  Pull tight.
  6. Flip work over and tie tails around base of knot (close to hat) two times
  7. Cut all ends
  8. Insert hook back into piece and pull yarn snug
    Change colors- with hook pick up color B (remember to pull over color A so as not to tangle yarn)and pull through st.  Pull tail of color A tight so that only color B shows through work and on hook {*it is important whenever changing colors to make sure the color you just changed from is pulled tight so that rows line up nicely with no steps}
    hdc around circle for two rows <8>
  9. Change color the same as before (pulling from under) and do two rows of hdc.
  10. Continue this way until 5 blocks of color A (10rows) and 5 blocks of color B (10 rows) are worked ending in Color B
  11. With color A- Increase round by adding an extra hdc in every 4th st <10>
  12. One hdc in each st around <10>
  13. Change to color B- Increase round by adding an extra hdc to every 5th st <12>
  14. One hdc in eact st around <12>
    020     018     019
  15. Change to color A- Increase round by adding an extra hdc to every 3rd  st <16>
  16. Increase round by adding an extra hdc to every 4th st <20>
  17. Change to color B- Increase round by adding an extra hdc in every other st <30>
  18. One hdc in each st around <30>
  19. Change to Color A- Increase round by adding an extra hdc in every 3rd st <40>
  20. One hdc in each st around <40>
  21. Complete hat in same manner changing colors every 2 rows until you have reached 9 blocks of color A and 9 blocks of color B, from start, 36rows total
  22. For next row you will alternate the color of the stitches with hdc st’s.  The entire ribbing rows are where it is very important to remember to pull color A from underneath and color B from over the other colors.
    You will have ended the previous row on color B so starting with that color hdc in next sp, drop color B and pick up color A, hdc in next, repeat till end, sl into last sp (will be on color B)
  23. Using color B hdc into first space, using color A fphdc into post of next stitch.  {*whatever color yarn you pick up will the the color of the stitch you are doing} end row with sl st and repeat for      more rows for a total of     alternating color rib rows.  You will now you are doing it correctly when the top loop of every row is alternating being the same color as the stitch after it.
    022     023     024
  24. To finish off sl st and pull tail all the way through, use tapestry needle to secure color B first and then color B.
    025     027     031                                                   028     030     026
  25. Finish off by braiding tail and tie into bow.  Or follow one of the variations below.
  26. You have now finished off your trendy elf hat.

     034                                   033


Make the thin part of hat longer or shorter by increasing or decreasing rows

Change how rows are done- one row of each color, or mix it up and do two rows of one color and one row of the other or any combination you can think of

Do the ribs in blocks of color.  In first row of ribs do two of one color and two of the other and then follow colors when doing fpdc rows

Use three colors instead of two

Put a pom pom on end of braid or do a tassle and leave strands long, use your imagination and see what you can come up with… I’d love to see pictures.  Email them to us at

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